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Changing, a student of Raymond Iong, is good at close-up magic and stage magic. He is often invited to give shows to many institutions and hotels in Macao. He gives more than 300 shows each year. Thus, he becomes one of the magicians who give the most shows in Macao, and becomes one of the most popular magicians . He was one of the performers who gave a show in the First Street Magic Festival of Cross-straits Four Regions and Close-up Magic All Over Macao. Besides a senior magician, Changing is also resident magician of Iong’s magic shop. Everyday, he gives shows to visitors from all over the world, and he is well-received by them.


Changing  Incumbent  Position

* Member of Macao Magic Artists Society

* Member of Macao Magic Troupe

* Member of S.A. M.#288(Society of American Magician)

* Member of I.M.S. ( International Magician Society)

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